T50-350 Tractor Mounted Rotary Tiller With Side Shift 50 Inches

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Till-Rite T50 Series Tractor Mounted Rotary Tillers With Side Shift

The Till-Rite T50 Series Tractor Mounted Tillers With Side Shift are designed to be operated with your 25-50 hp tractor with 540 rpm pto. Three sizes are available: 50 inches, 58 inches, and 66 inches tilling width. Six models are available - each size is available with either 4 or 6 blades per flange, giving you an option of a courser till with 4 blades, or a finer till with 6 blades. The rotor flanges are adaptable so you can upgrade to six blades later, or order the unit that way new.

•Designed for tractors with 25-50 engine horsepower and a 540 rpm pto shaft

•Highly engineered, rugged gearbox

•Smooth manual side-shift system

•Adjustable skids for working depth control

•Heavy duty shielded pto shaft with slip clutch safety

•PTO shaft is a 1 3/8 inch ASAE category 4 pto shaft

•Designed to mount on category 1 three point hitches

•Exchangeable sprockets for two working speeds

•Maximum working depth of 8 3/8 inches

•Wear protection on the chain case

•Has parking stand so tiller sits level when unhooked and not in use

•Lateral number 100 chain drive transmission in oil bath

•Four blades per flange or optional six blades per flange - order unit set up either way

•Outward turned blades keeps the rotor supports clean and maximizes working width

•Rotor flanges adaptable for six blades if you need to add blades later

•Six blades give you greater stability and finer soil pulverization

•Heavy duty full size tiller blades

•Models Have 6 Blades Per Flange

Model T50-350: 50 inch tilling width, 55 inch overall width, weight is 462 lbs., maximum side shift is 14 inches to the right giving you a maximum shift to the right of center of 40 inches, with 10 inches to the left of center, normal stance is 24 inches to left of center and 26 inches to right of center, has 6 flanges with 6 blades each, with 10 and 13 tooth drive sprockets for a rotor speed of either 226 or 383 rpm


Item wt. is 481 lbs. / shipping wt. is 625 lbs.