Soil Conditioners

    Model 10001624 Drag mat 3 ft. wide x 2 ft. long Part No. 10001625 Rubber Drag Mat 6 ft. wide x 2 ft. long Model 1214B TA14 Four ft. wide tow behind landscape rake with adjustable trailing hitch with 1 7/8 inch ball type coupler.
    10001624 Drag Mat 3 ft. Wide10001625 Rubber Drag Mat 6 Ft. Wide1214B TA14 Landscape Rake W/Ball Hitch




    Model 2214 TA2 Series York Tow Behind Landscape Rake With Pin Type Hitch Model 2214B TA2 Series York Landscape Rake, 4 Ft. wide, with 1 7/8 inch ball hitch connector instead of standard pin hitch Model 2215 TA25 Landscape Rake 5 ft. wide with adjustable trailing hitch with pin type connector.
    2214 TA2 Landscape Rake 4 Ft. Wide2214B TA2 Landscape Rake With Ball Hitch2215 TA25 Landscape Rake 5 Ft. Wide




    Model 2215B tow behind landscape rake with 1 7/8 inch ball coupler, rake is 5 ft. wide. Model 2216 TA26 Tow Behind York Landscape Rake 6 Ft. Wide, With Pin Type Hitch. 3104 York RS Series Landscape Rake Category 0 Hitch
    2215B Tow Behind Landscape Rake With Ball Hitch2216 TA26 Landscape Rake 6 ft. Wide3104 Landscape Rake 4 Ft. Cat. 0




    Model AF-10 Adjusta-Flex tow behind tine harrow, 10 ft. wide, also shown is the optional three point lift/transport frame Model AF-5 Adjusta-flex tine harrow 5 Ft. wide Adjusta-Flex harrow with wheel carrier
    AF-10 Adjusta-Flex Harrow 10 Ft. WideAF-5 Adjusta-Flex Tine HarrowAF5AF5-C Harrow And Wheel Carrier




    Three Point Hitch Mount Befco Brand Box Scraper For Tractors From 16 to 60 hp, category 1 mount Three point hitch (category 1) mounted box scrapers for tractors from 16 to 65 hp, widths from 48 to 84 inches Tractor Mounted Box Spreaders (Category 1 hitch) for tractors from 16 to 65 hp, widths from 48" to 84"
    BBS-060 Box Scraper 60 Inches WideBBS-066 Tractor Mounted Box Scraper 66 Inches WideBBS-072 Tractor Mounted Box Scraper 72 Inches Wide




    Tractor Mounted (category 1 hitch) Box Scrapers 48 to 84 inches wide, for tractors from 16 to 65 hp Models available from 48 to 84 inch working width Model BGS-060 Grading Scraper 60 Inch Working Width, 64 inch total width.
    BBS-084 Tractor Mounted Box Scraper 84 Inches WideBBS-C48 Box ScraperBGS-060 Grading Scraper




    BGS-072 Grading Scraper, 72 inches wide BGS-084 Grading Scraper 84 Inches Wide Grading Scrapers For 16 To 65 HP Tractors
    BGS-072 Grading ScraperBGS-084 Grading Scraper 84 Inches WideBGS-C48 Grading Scraper 48 Inches




    Standard Series Befco Three Point Hitch Mount Soil Pulverizers BLP-060 Soil Pulverizer 60 inches wide, tow behind, category 1 hitch mount, for tractors up to 40 hp. Model BLP-072 Soil Pulverizer, three point hitch mount, category 1, 72 inches wide.
    BPL-048 Soil Pulverizer 48 Inches WideBPL-060 Soil Pulverizer 60 Inches WideBPL-072 Soil Pulverizer 72 Inches Wide




    Model BLP-272 Heavy Duty Model soil pulverizer 72 inches wide. BPL-284 Heavy Duty Series Tow Behind Soil Pulverisor 84 Inch Working Width KADW-1095 Dirt Worker Skid Steer Mount Scarifier Seed Bed Prep
    BPL-272 Soil Pulverizer Heavy Duty 72 Inches WideBPL-284 Soil Pulverizer Heavy Duty Series 84 InchesKADW-1095 Dirt Worker Skid Steer Mount Scarifier Seed Bed Prep




    Model MKAV-5 Arena Conditioner 5 ft. Wide Model MKAV-6 Aren Conditioner And Track Curry 6 ft. Wide Model MKAV-7 Arena Conditioner And Renovator And Track Curry 7 ft. Wide
    MKAV-5 Arena Conditioner 5 Ft. WideMKAV-6 Arena Conditioner 6 Ft. WideMKAV-7 Arena Conditioner 7 Ft. Wide




    Model MKAV-8 Arena Conditioner, Renovator, And Track Curry 8 ft. Wide WOFOD-16 ATV Tow Behind Disc Harrow Model WOMBP-36 Economy Middle Buster Model
    MKAV-8 Arena Conditioner 8 ft. WideWOFOD-16 ATV Tow Behind Disc HarrowWOMP-36 Middle Buster Soil Ripper/Conditioner




    Model WOR-130 heavy duty ripper shank, soil conditioner WOSSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade 8 Ft. Blade
    WOR-130 Heavy Duty Single Shank RipperWOSSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade 8 Ft. Blade