Model 15-BSB-074 Befco tractor mounted sickle bar mower 5 ft. long sickle blade, with hydraulic blade lift, pto powered
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BSB-272 Sickle Bar Mower 72 Inches Wide 3 Pt. Mount PTO

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Tractor Mounted Sickle Bar Mowers

The Befco Tractor Mounted Sickle Bar Mowers are designed for cutting hay fields, or tall weeds and crops on set-aside or conservation acreages, in ditches and on hillsides and river or creek banks. This versatile sickle bar mower is powered by your tractor's pto, and mounts on your tractor's category I or II three point hitch. Tractor sickle bar mowers can handle many applications, similar to what a boom mower.

Double action sickle bar

Available in working widths of 5 ft., 6 ft. and 7 ft., 8 ft., and 8 ft. 10 inches

Model BSB-274 is the 6 ft.  (72 inches wide) with hydraulic lift (see index/mower page for all other models)

Adjustable 3 point hitch, fits either category 1 or 2 three point hitches

Safety release

Compensation spring

High cutting speeds with low profile design allows cutter bar to hug the ground for a smooth, close cut

20-75 hp tractor required, powered by tractor's 540 rpm pto

Transport blade protection, solid rod hooks to frame and to sickle bar blade for transport over long distances or rough terrain, otherwise you can just position it into up position for most transportation

Extra blade and chain with hook

Hydraulic lift system powered by your tractor's hydraulic system, the one-way hydraulic cylinder lifts the blade up from -55 degrees to +90 degrees (transport and vertical cutting position) and comes with a hydraulic hose that includes a flow valve. The sickle bar drops down by gravity, but the speed of the drop can be regulated by opening and closing the return valve on the hose which allows the hydraulic fluid to return to the reservoir faster or slower. Open the return valve all the way and the sickle bar drops very fast, after the control valve is set, you can control the up and down of the sickle bar from your tractor seat.

Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft (1 3/8 inches ASAE, cat. 4)

Designed to tackle rough and tough hay fields, ideal for set-aside or conservation acreage, or ditchbank mowing.

The photo below shows point A (distance from the right three point hitch connection point over to the joint of the sickle bar cutter), and point B (distance from the left three point hitch connection point over to the joint of the sickle bar cutter). To determine which width of mower will work for your application and tractor, measure from the right lower three point hitch arm on your tractor to the outside of your right wheel. This will deterimine how far to the right on your tractor the point of the attachment of the blade is positioned and will let you know how far each of the blades listed below will extend past the right rear wheel of your tractor.

A and B Dimensions For The Mowers Listed Below

Model BSB-272: Dimension A is 25 inches, and B is 53 inches, sickle blade is 6 ft. long

Model BSB-284: Dimension A is 25 inches, and B is 53 inches, sickle blade is 7 ft. long

Model BSB-296: Dimension A is 25 inches, and B is 53 inches, sickle blade is 8 ft. long