Model 222440 Contractor model Double Add-A-Grapple For Buckets On Loaders 68 To 90 Inches Wide.
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222440 Double Grapple Bucket Mounted Grapple

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Model 222440 double grapple bucket mounted brush grapple.  Contractor model for larger tractor loader buckets from 68 to 90 inches.  Contractor model comes with hoses (does not include quick couplers).  For large volume buckets. 

Designed to bolt on to your existing bucket on your compact tractor, farm tractor loader, skid steer loader, or mini-skid loader. The grapple tines can be removed by pulling two hitch pins; leaving the mounting bar on top of the bucket. The Mounting bar is normally out of the way on the top edge of the bucket so you can continue to use the bucket unrestricted for other loading jobs.

Designed to pick-up brush, debris, and hard to handle material, is available with a single or double grapples for the tractor mounted model, and single grapple models for the other applications.  The optional selector valves are available if you do not have an open hydraulic outlet; allows you to split the flow from either the lift or tilt cylinders on your bucket allowing you to switch back and forth between cylinders and still allow you to use all functions.

If you are ordering a grapple and need a manual or electric selector valve, order them in the drop down menu on this order page.

The selector valves allow you to switch the hydraulic flow from one of your hydraulic outlets on your loader control back and forth between the two circuits (the tilt cylinders on the loader (we recommend) and the grapple).

One control lever on your loader valve will now be able to control each circuit by switching back and forth using the selector valve.

The valve is available in a manual valve, as well as 3 different electric models.  If you do not have enough hydraulic outlets for all functions, then using a selector valve is usually the easiest way to connect all hydraulic circuits (hoses) to the system.

Model MP215 works for most applications and is a manual valve.  MP020 is an electric valve kit for hydraulic systems with a maximum of 15 gpm or less.  Model MP010 is an electric selector valve kit for hydraulic systems with up to 24 gpm capacity.  Normally these three valves are what is needed.  The kits (MP020 and MP010 and MP030) come with mounting brackets, wiring harness, fittings, and hardware.  The MP215 manual valve is just the valve.

The MP030 is a special double stack valve kit with 24 gpm capacity.  This is needed if you have only one hydraulic outlet but you have THREE functions (example connect to tilt cylinders, the grapple, plus one other function).  This valve is normally not needed on the grapple applications, but is available).

The bucket drawings page below shows different mounting positions that can be used to mount the Model 222440. By changing the position and angle of the mounting bar you can mount the unit on a variety of tractor buckets with different dimensions.

Model 222440 contractor model double Add-A-Grapple bucket mounted brush grapple for farm tractors, back hoes and large volume buckets from 68 to 90 inches wide, includes hoses (doesnot include quick couplers).  Has two grapple sections each 20.5 inches wide.  The grapple sections extend forward approximately 39 inches and then curves down; the downward section of the grapple tooth is approximately 20 inches tall.  There is approximately 10 inches between the two grapple section. 

Weight of grapple is 387 lbs.; ships by truck.