009244B2 York Tow Behind Landscape Rake 2 Inch Ball 10 Ft. Wide

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Model HT Tow Behind Landscape Rake

The Model HT Tow Behind Landscape Rake is towed behind your pickup truck or tractor to perform road maintenance and landscaping tasks. The model HT's angling rake section eliminates the need for unproductive deadhead passes usually incurred in some road maintenance operations; this makes the model HT extremely productive and time saving compared to other grading tools. The standard rake angles and raises and lowers manually, but the versatile design of the rake frame allows you to add off the shelf hydraulic cylinders if you want hydraulic control for raising, lowering, angling, and tilt. The HT's versatility is also enhanced by the ability to convert it to and HTB series broom sweeper with the addition of the optional hydraulic broom section kit available below.  

    • Standard manual angling, tilt, raising and lowering, mounting points are attached to the frame if user wants to convert to hydraulic control using off the shelf hydraulic cylinders
    • Increased reach is available with the optional 2 ft. rake section extension to increase the reach of the rake during shoulder maintenance operations, allowing the tow vehicle to stay high and dry
    • Eliminate potholes with the optional sawtooth blade - the harsh cutting action remixes the material in and around the pothole, this eliminates the hole rather than simply filling it in

Model 009244B2: Model HT Landscape Rake, 10 ft. wide, heavy duty tow type rake with manual lift, angle, and tilt, with 2 inch ball type hitch, wt. is 1081 lbs.