Model 103-130 Befco Baby Hop Fertilizer Spreader 550 Herd Spreader Three Point Mount PTO Drive Model 103-230 Tow behind Baby-Hop Spreader with Poly Hopper and stainless steel bottom, 3.5 cubic ft. hopper, 226 lbs.
    103-130 Baby Hop Spreader550 Herd Spreader Three Point Mount PTO Drive103-230 Baby-Hop Spreader Poly Hopper 3.5 Cubic Ft.




    Model 106-130 Tow behind fertilizer hopper with 5.6 cubic ft. steel hopper Model 106-230 Baby-Hop Hopper With Poly Hopper With Stainless Steel Bottom Model 203-120 three point hitch mount (cat. 0 or 1) pto powered (540 rpm) granular material spreader. Hopper holds 3.5 cubic feet (approx. 226 lbs. of material). Spreader weighs 81 lbs. empty.
    106-130 Baby-Hop Fertilizer Spreader106-230 Baby-Hop Spreader Poly Hopper 5.6 Cubic Ft.203-120 Sand/Salt/Fertilizer/Seed Spreader




    Model 203-220 Tractor mounted, pto powered fertilizer spreader, 3.5 /226 lbs. capacity, category 1 limited three point hitch compatable Model 206-121 tractor mounted, pto powered sand/salt/fertilizer spreader. Has 4.8 cubic ft. 311 lbs. capacity hopper, with 23 ft. maximum spread width. Model 206-221 tractor mounted (category 0 or 1 hitch), pto powered (540 rpm pto) granular material spreader with a non-rusting 1 piece polyethylene hopper.
    203-220 PTO Spreader Poly Hopper 3.5 CF206-121 Sand/Salt/Fertilizer/Seed Spreader206-221 Tractor Mounted Pto Spreader W/Poly Hopper




    Model 209-121 granular material spreader for mounting on tractors from 16 to 30 hp with category 1 three point hitches and 540 rpm pto, 1 piece steel hopper is 10.6 cubic ft. / 678 lbs. capacity. Model 209-221 granular material spreader with 10.6 cubic ft. (678 lbs.) capacity 1 piece poly hopper, mounts category 1 three point hitch, powered 540 rpm pto. Model 209-421 granular material spreader with 1 piece poly hopper with 10.6 cubic ft. capacity, has stainless steel bottom, BUT ALSO HAS A STAINLESS STEEL SPINNER.
    209-121 Sand/Salt/Fertilizer/Seed Spreader209-221 PTO Spreader With Poly Hopper209-421 PTO Spreader With Poly Hopper




    Model 212-121 salt, sand, fertilizer, and seed spreader, tractor mounted 16 to 30 hp, category 1 hitch, 540 rpm pto, hopper is 17.6 cubic ft. / 1130 lbs. capacity, maximum spread width is 46 ft. Model 212-421 tractor mounted fertilizer spreader with poly hopper and available accessories Model 301-300 tractor mounted category 1 three point hitch, 540 rpm pto powered, has 9.0 cubic ft. / 576 lbs. capacity steel conical shaped hopper with adjustable spread width from 17-47 ft.
    212-121 Sand/Salt/Fertilizer/Seed Spreader212-421 Hop Spreader Poly Hopper 17.6 CF 1130 LBS.301-300 Pendular Spreader 9.00 Cubic Ft. Capacity




    Model 303-600 tractor mounted cat. 1 three point hitch, 540 rpm pto powered, large rectangular 22.5 cubic ft. / 1168 lbs. hopper, spread swath adjustable from 17 to 47 ft. Model 303-800 tractor mounted, cat. 1 three point hitch, 540 rpm pto powered, pendular spreader with a 34.7 cubic ft. / 1808 lbs. hopper, has spread width from 17 to 47 ft. Model 303-999 tractor mounted cat. 1 three point hitch, 540 rpm pto powered, pendular spreader with rectangular 42.4 cubic ft. / 2205 lbs. capacity hopper. Spread width adjustable from 17 to 47 feet.
    303-600 Pendular Spreader 22.5 Cubit Ft. Hopper303-800 PTO Pendular Spreader 34.7 Cubic Ft. Hopper303-999 PTO Pendular Spreader 42.4 Cubic Ft. Hopper




    Garber G-1 Fertilizer Spreader 1 Bushel Capacity, 12 volt or pto drive, 3 point mount or truck bumper or atv mount Model KA1200C-3PT Herd three point hitch (category 2) mount, pto powered (540 rpm standard, 1000 rpm optional), 16 bushel capacity hopper (approximately 1200 lbs. depending upon the material) Model KA1200S Wet-Sand spreader with 2000 lbs. capacity, mounts on category 1 three point hitches, 540 rpm pto, unit weight is 305 lbs.
    G-1 Broadcast Spreader 1 Bushel Capacity1200C-3PT Spreader1200S Herd Wet-Sand Spreader




    Model KA2440-3PT Herd speader with 32 bushel hopper (approx. 2440 lbs.), Category 2 three point hitch mount, 540 rpm pto gearbox standard, 1000 rpm can be special ordered, hydraulic gate control Model KA5.5 Wet-Sand spreader, 550 lbs. capacity, category 1 three point hitch, 540 pto powered, wt. is 211 lbs. Model KA750-3PT seeder for mounting on category 1 three point hitches 540 pto powered standard, 9.6 bushel capacity (approx. 750 lbs.), includes pto shaft.
    2440-3PT Spreader5.5 Wet Sand Spreader 750 Herd Spreader




    Model KA750S Wet-Sand Spreader with 1200 lbs. capacity, category 1 three point hitch, unit weight is 237 lbs. Model KA750SSS wet-sand spreader, hydraulic powered, connects to skid loaders auxillary outlet, mounts on skid steer loaders that are universal quick attach compatable, 1220 lbs. capacity. Model KAGT-77-ATV, electric 12 volt seeder/spreader, can be mounted on atvs, garden tractors, utvs, pickup bumpers, requires additional mounting kit.
    750S Wet-Sand Spreader750SSS Wet-Sand Spreader Skid MountGT-77ATV Electric Seeder/Spreader




    Model KAI-92 Electric Seeder, comes without a mount, order optional mounts listed in accessories section. Has galvanized hopper to prevent corrosion. Weight is 86 lbs. Model KAM-12 Three point hitch mounted (category 1), pto powered Herd Seeder, 3 bushel (192 lbs.) capacity with galvanized hopper. Model WLMS25 Manure Spreader
    I-92 I-258 Herd Electric SeederM-12 PTO Powered SeederWLMS25 Manure Spreader - Ground Driven




    WLMS25 And WLMS50 Manure Spreaders Model WLMS50P - Tow behind, pto powered manure spreader with 50 bushel capacity. WLMS80 Manure Spreader - Ground Driven
    WLMS50 Manure Spreader - Ground DrivenWLMS50P PTO Driven Manure SpreaderWLMS80 Manure Spreader - Ground Driven




    WLMS80P PTO Powered, tow behind 80 bushel capacity manure spreader Model WOATVK-400 12 volt electric, atv rack/universal mount seeder/spreader with 1 bushel capacity.
    WLMS80P Manure Spreader - PTO DrivenWOATVK-400 Electric 12 Volt ATV Mount Spreader