Model 344D72 tractor / skid steer grapple 72 inches wide with double grapple tines
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344D72 Double Grapple Rake 72 Inches Wide

Price: $3,740.00
  • Item #: 344D72
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Model 344D72 is a tractor or skid steer mounted double tine section grapple rake for either 50 to 75 hp tractor loaders, or skid steer loaders with 2000 to 2500 lifting capacity

This unit is built extremely strong using 1/2 inch thick steel

Grapple width is 72 inches, bottom section of grapple has 11 rake tines spaced 6 inches apart

Unit has a large grapple opening height of 65 inches

The grapple is fully plumbed, includes hoses and cylinders, cylinders are concealed for cylinder protection

Frame has greased pivot points

Grapple DOES NOT COME WITH MOUNTING BRACKETS, mounting brackets are available in the drop down menu on this page

All models have a 1 year warranty